Fall Session | Parker, CO

Here’s a quick fall mini session from Parker, Colorado. These dogs were hilarious, and Mr. & Ms. N. were sworn to secrecy, never to speak of the crazy noises coming out of my mouth. What’s really funny is that the weird sounds I used to get the dogs attention are the same crazy sounds I use to get small kids to look at me too. Ha ha ha! 

Here’s to a wonderful afternoon and awesome fur-babies!  Thanks so much for visiting!

Be awesome…


Musings | Cleaning Up

I’m in the process of going through my old computer and taking all the files off. During this process, I realized how important it is to organize your files from day one.  Sure you can search and you’ll find what you need eventually, but how cool would it be if all your images were in one place?

Here’s how I keep my personal images organized:

1:  I have a folder for each year. 

2: Within each year I have the month number, the month, and then the year ( 01_January_2013). I do this simply to keep all the months in the year in numerical order and then I add the year just in case I accidentally drag the folder to a random spot and drop it like it’s hot. When I find the folder I accidentally moved, I know exactly where to put it back.

3. Within the months, I have folders for specific events that occurred during that month: birthdays, favorites, and travel destinations.

Everyone has their own way of organizing their images, this is just one option. Why did I decided to write a blog about organizing? Well…organizing makes me happy AND my personal images that were stored on my old laptop were a huge HOT MESS! I should know better, right?! Well…my professional images are impeccably organized, but clearly my personal images need a little attention.

While I was cleaning up, I ran across some work from my beginning photo students at the University of Nevada, Reno. The class dealth only with black and white images and the students had to print every final image from each project. It was time consuming, but such a great experience. Check out their amazing images…

I hope you enjoyed the images. I’ve always had such great students!!

Be the change…