Student Work | Yeah Middle Schoolers!

My students have been creating truly beautiful work this year! I wanted to brag about them just a little bit. We do weekly composition projects: one compositional tool = one dynamic image.  These students have the freedom to explore the campus or photograph things when they aren’t on campus. It’s so much fun to watch them come in and photograph in a hurry only to finish the trimester as contemplative photographers. I even manage to squeeze in a little photo theory. I talk about “the power of the photographer” to middle schoolers! And they understand!! And the totally dig it!!! 

Kids are the greatest!

Pop | Appropriation

I just realized I hadn’t posted any of my more recent fine art work!

I’ve always been drawn to old images. I think it’s super cool to go through
vintage stores and look at all the old photographs that are for sale. I
wonder who the people are? Where are they from? What were they doing in
the photographs? I think it’s sad that the images just sit around and
wait for someone to pluck them up. That someone is me. I’m the one that
is going to buy them and give them new life. The question is…what do I
do with them once I buy, or download, them? 

After thinking and thinking and more thinking, I finally figured it out! I’m going to give
them new life through digital collage. I have a series of protest images
that I’ve been working on, but here is an image I made for my brother
in law. He’s redecorating his house and needs some original artwork. I
sourced an image of a motorcycle rider and then I joined it with an
image I took of a sunset in Kauai. The collage makes the old image
relevant again and that just makes me so happy.  

Enjoy my happy motorcycle rider!

engagement session | I couldn’t help myself

I edited this image today and I wasn’t going to post it until my clients had their full image library, but I just can’t help myself. It was such a sweet moment…I didn’t feel voyeuristic at all. I felt like I was truly documenting the beautiful love of two people. It warmed my heart…