engagement session | I couldn’t help myself

I edited this image today and I wasn’t going to post it until my clients had their full image library, but I just can’t help myself. It was such a sweet moment…I didn’t feel voyeuristic at all. I felt like I was truly documenting the beautiful love of two people. It warmed my heart…


engagement session | Jamie + Jason

session | I was so excited when I was asked to photograph Jamie +
Jason’s engagement session. I hadn’t met Jason yet, but Jamie was so
sweet and hilariously funny! I knew he was going to be a great dude. We decided to hit up a barn for the first
half of their session and then we moved to beautiful open space for some sunset and dry grass pics. Thank you so much for being such
fantastic people and having such a positive attitude regarding our
weather challenges. I had an absolute blast. I hope you did too!

Here’s a sneak peek of Jamie & Jason’s engagement session:

Pop | New Ballet Pieces

Hello all. I hope everyone is recovering from a joyful holiday season. During our break, we found ourselves doing a bit of decompressing. (Mainly because all of us were sick at some point!)  Once I recovered and got my arty juices flowing again, I spent my time cleaning my studio, researching, and starting on some new work. 

So, on to the new work…our kids are in a couple of different activities. My “studio” time consists of sitting in lobbies or my car waiting for both of our girls to finish their workouts or dance sessions. (Welcome to an artist’s “real life!”) For some reason, the lobby of the ballet studio is super inspiring to me. After sitting and waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class a couple of weeks ago, I decided to embark on a dance project. I’ve loved watching ballet for
years and I even photographed for a ballet company in Orlando, Florida
while I was in photo school. On stage, it’s so beautiful! But behind
stage, it’s a totally different beast. I find myself consistently being
drawn into the juxtaposition of the beautiful against the rough and
unrefined and ballet features that juxtaposition brilliantly. There’s a
very formal presentation on stage, but then there’s the fantastic
backstage grit and grime. 

While I’m playing the part of patient mom, I’m going to be creating. My goal is to introduce an image a week for the next 8 weeks. I have two already, one for each of the weeks we’ve been to the studio in January. Take a look at what I’ve done and check back to see what I’ve been able to create during my creative waits…

Thanks for stopping in…