Pop | New Pieces

I’ve finally let myself go. Not let myself go physically, although I definitely have some room for improvement [smiley face], but finally I’ve let go of the concept that I am a “photographer” and I am really starting to embrace the idea that I am an artist that plays with photography. To many, that may sound a bit strange…aren’t they the same thing after all? Actually, to me they are not. To identify myself as a photographer, I am rejecting the experimental side of my artistic practice. It’s to turn a blind eye to my current work of having others photograph on my behalf for my conceptual art projects. It’s to turn a blind eye to my other body of work where I’m appropriating historic and vernacular images and using those images to create pop art. So here I am, an artists that works with photography…and a bunch of other stuff too.

Here are a few new images I’ve been working with. I’ve found this process to be so fun and exciting that I’ve been creating a new piece almost every day! I love the research I’ve been conducting and I also love the fun playful nature of the images.



Fall Session | Parker, CO

Here’s a quick fall mini session from Parker, Colorado. These dogs were hilarious, and Mr. & Ms. N. were sworn to secrecy, never to speak of the crazy noises coming out of my mouth. What’s really funny is that the weird sounds I used to get the dogs attention are the same crazy sounds I use to get small kids to look at me too. Ha ha ha! 

Here’s to a wonderful afternoon and awesome fur-babies!  Thanks so much for visiting!

Be awesome…