Homecoming | Welcome Home VFA-213!

I love what I do.  Have I mentioned that recently? Well…I do. I have the best job ever. Sometimes I get caught up in the daily grind and the daunting task of starting my business in a new city for the….4th time. Recently, I’ve been discouraged and unsure about the future of my business and then this weekend happened! Sometimes you need that kick in the pants to get on track again…I’m back!!!

I was contacted by a longtime client a few months ago to photograph her family at the VFA-213 homecoming in Virginia Beach. I immediately said, “yes!” because I’ve photographed this family before they were even a family! What ever Ms. S needs, I’m her girl! The squadron was scheduled to arrive around 10:30 on Friday, finally concluding their 7 month deployment. Who wouldn’t want to witness over 24 families being reunited with their loved ones after 7 long months? There were even two babies born while the squadron was away! I remember the excitement as they days got closer and the relief when we finally got to run up and grab that first hug. To say I was honored to document the event for her family would be an understatement.

Welcome home LCDR S. your family is so excited to have you back. I hope you get the rest you deserve and thank you for protecting this great country of ours. “Best day ever!”


Seniors | Mr. Smith

Senior season has arrived! Meet Mr. Smith. He was so gracious, entertaining, and patient during our session, especially when a professional cycling race  came whizzing by!! We had tons of fun roaming through the alleys of the RiNo Art District. We took in the sites as well as the unfortunate smells. (Alleys photograph SO well, but smell SO bad! Why can’t I just be satisfied photographing in pleasant smelling areas? Ha ha ha.)

Thank you Mr. Smith for your time and energy during our session. I had a blast hanging out with you. Best wishes for your senior year…it’s going to be amazing!!


RiNo | Denver, Colorado

Mt. Falcon | Morrison, Colorado

2017 European Vacation | Paris Details

And now for some details…

As we toured around Paris, I always kept my eye out for little, overlooked details. The green leaves against the rich blue sky. The contemporary glass patio positioned next to a more ornate iron railing. What about the gold sculpture standing alone among the cumulus clouds? There’s so much beauty there the admire.

The Louvre has to be one of my all time favorite places to photograph. I could roam around there everyday for a year and still find new things to enjoy. I did find two new cool discoveries during this visit. I’d never entered the museum from the front before, so I’ve never seen the pyramids lined up. This graphic visual stopped me in my steps. It made the OCD me so very happy! While we were waiting to enter, I also noticed the reflections from the pyramids on the building. I almost squealed with excitement. Instead of getting irritated that my normal side entrance wasn’t accessible, I got excited about the opportunity to see new things. One of the other things I was excited to see??? The bag check! We were visiting the Louvre on our way out of town and we were tired of carrying our bags around in the heat. It’s all about the little things.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my fun Parisian details. Next up? Ceilings!!!!!! Some folks love floors, but I can’t pass up a great ceiling. Ha ha ha…

Be amazing!