Fall Session | Eldorado Canyon

Welcome to my new blog: Art and Musings. I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging…like a 4 year hiatus. (Eeek!) Now that I’m re-energized and ready to take on the world, I’m going to dive back into the blogosphere. Here we go…

Fall is clearly in full swing in Colorado. The aspens have changed, the air is cooler, and our shorts have been put away, mostly. This is time for family photographs. (Reminder to self: please get someone to take your family photographs or your mother will never forgive you! Ha ha ha.)

The H. family was crazy, I mean gracious, enough to meet me outside of our normal area trekking zone  (Both of our families are new to Colorado.) Having recently relocated to the area, my business has been presented with a new set of challenges. I don’t have any of my “usual” spaces to rely on for sessions! If we were in Lake Tahoe, I’d know exactly what the sun looks like at the various parts of the afternoon and I would know exactly where to photograph and when. Now my sessions involve a lot of “please, please, please let the light look nice here during my session!!!!!” So far so good! This session allowed me to add a location to my list of “preferred locations” and take one off.

So please enjoy this sneak peek of the H. family and our Sunday afternoon Eldorado Canyon excursion.

Thank you to the H.’s for your flexibility and your amazing sense of humor! I had a great afternoon with y’all!

Make today great!